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Links to the amusing and unusual!
digital Animated Stuff...

Modern Living- Very cool interactive animations...check out the archives!

Superbad- The "back door" to this constantly updated & truly bizarre site...scroll over images to find hot spots, then look at the bottom of your internet window to see where you'll be taken...great stuff, hours of fun!

Larry Carlson- Crazy animated wierdness with sound.

Rather Good- See kittens (and a few puppies) performing UK favourites from different eras

Interactive Games 'n fun...

Sodaplay- Super cool fun, build your own model or play with the existing ones in the Sodazoo.

Musical Kittens- Use your keyboard to "play" the kittens

Drawing fun- An interactive trippy drawing game toy thingy

Etch-a-Sketch- The online version...use your arrow keys!

D-Toy vs Byokal- make your own kaleidescope

Boobah-telletubby style wierdness, great for little ones or as a stress reliever for anyone else



Luxotica- All about playing with fire...cool funky art & fire toys for sale!

Skull Skates- Need a new skateboard/snowboard/BMX/cotton threads? Built tuff for big kids too...black 'n white super-styly colour scheme.

Burnin' Babes- A site dedicated to the shenanigans of the large & interesting group of women I call friends...

Native Fiction- A really great band from Chicago. Check 'em out.

Other Oddities...

Mad Scientists- A collective of Scientists ready to provide you with answers to all manner of science questions

Bad Candy- Two guys review bad candy. Hysterical (I was after reading "Things you really shouldn't eat")

Burning Man-Ya gotta see it, be it to believe it

SantaCon- Annual Christmas mayhem taking place across North America for many years, now available on other continents, check your local listings for future dates! Join us...the Vancouver, BC website can be found at http://vancouver.santacon.ca

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